Dear everyone, I’m sorry I have to write this post.

The truth is my wrist has grown increasingly worse and I can no longer handle being in constant pain daily. It’s gotten to the point where I wake up with a crook in my wrists and I’m unable to perform basic tasks without flaring up in pain.

I had originally said the first hiatus would last a month because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, even if it wasn’t really healed by the time that hiatus was over, but things are getting worse and I’m kinda scared for the future where I wouldn’t be able to draw at all.

That being said, I have to say the dreaded words: indefinite hiatus.

At this time, I’m looking into various solutions to try to help me, including moving my deskspace, supplements, ergonomics and whatnot.
Due to my financial situation I can’t see a doctor ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭ so wish me luck.
I’m really sorry to have disappointed all of you and I hope you understand.

I want to continue as soon as I can.

23 thoughts on “The Hiatus.”

  1. WarshaperToma

    I’m so sorry to hear about your wrist. I love the comic and hope that it gets better or you find another solution! it’s a shame that you need to go on hiatus, but it sounds like the right thing to do. I will continue to check in from time to time awaiting your return. Thanks for letting us know!

    Get well soon!

  2. Jezor

    I am very sorry to hear that… Don’t worry about us, we’ll be waiting patiently. Take your time and take care of yourself! Hope it will get better soon, but even if, allow yourself some time to recover and if you start drawing again, do less of it. Baby steps (:
    Best wishes!

  3. Nina

    I hope you heal well. A comic can wait but your wrist will be with you forever. please be careful and take as long as you need to heal

  4. Mashamino

    Oh no! Please take care and don’t overwork yourself. Take all the time you need, health is more important. <3

  5. Cerberus

    Take care of yourself first. I’m interested to see where the comic will go, but we’ll never get there if you do yourself permanent harm trying to work when your body is telling you to take it easy. I hope you feel better soon; the important thing is to take as much time as you need to so you can be at 100%.

  6. Bry

    take care of your wellbeing first and foremost! of course it’s frustrating for us readers to have to wait for the next installment, but we understand as well the need for the hiatus. dont push yourself just to please your followers and be a little selfish, take care of yourself first. look up some wrist exercises to help mend the joints in your wrist and look up other home remedies if u cant afford a doctor at the moment. if it gets any worse, u NEED to find the time and money to see a doctor to make sure everything is ok!

  7. N

    Take care. These things need time to heal. If it’s anything like RSI, try physiotherapy. When I had RSI from typing, it took only 4 sessions (and a very ergonomic keyboard) to fix the pain, and progress was visible from the very first session. The therapist understood the problem well, and gave me exercises to do at home. A month later almost good as new.

  8. Azraal

    Sorry to hear that. My girlfriend has the same kind of issue.
    She is a frelance colorist.
    It’s tendonitis for her.
    She use diclofenac based cream, a lot of rest for the wrist and ibuprofen. Well anti-inflammatory medication in the end.
    If you get your hand on those be mindful of the daily doses though

    Anyway take care of yourself, as much as you can let your wrist rest as much as possible

  9. Icarus Hector

    Disappointed would only be if you actually did yourself permanent harm. Get better soon because chronic pain sucks.

  10. Tuckendorf

    Have some support on Patreon to help out while you recover. Proud to be a new knight.

  11. Guest

    I recall hearing of some exercises that “seemed” to help. Where was it…

    Oh, I think there is a copy here:
    under “My wrists hurt”.

    It is massively different from actual professional help. Just because it might or might not feel better doesn’t actually mean much. But it is something to try that might help recovery, or might help to stop it returning(Or make everything worse! Random internet advice…). Some exercise might help, but please be gentle with yourself and don’t start anything your will feel overly compelled to finish until you feel well(and for a goodly time afterwards, just to be sure).

    Also keep your mental well-being in mind. It might help to get a hobby that is similar but different. It is difficult to be creative without your hands, but something to keep your old habits alive and stop you going stir-crazy would be, well, useful…

    And, of course, I love the comic. You’ve already done more for the internet than most people have…

    Finally: Here’s hoping the stars align, and give you advice better than mine.

  12. Alex

    Ouch, that really sucks. You have my best wishes. Definitely take a break until the pain is gone again.

    Your symptoms sounds like RSI. I have it, too, but way less bad, and my physio therapist showed me how to massage the spots that hurt, i.e. massage the ends of the tendons exactly in those spots where it hurts, for multiple minutes each, but start out gently.
    He said there was no guarantee the pain would go away, but reducing the pain through stimulation is a thing apparently.

    Maybe you also need something against tendon inflammation. Also an ergonomic mouse and keyboard.

    But I’m no doctor, so all of this is just personal experience.

    Btw: Is a physio therapist cheaper than a doctor? If so, maybe you can go to one instead.

  13. Sandra

    That’s Very sad new’s. i wish you the very best for a speedy recovery

  14. Ronanry

    Hi, i follow since a long time and i would like to inquiry about your pain … is there any change ? (sorry if my english is not as good as it can be…it’s not my mother language)

    • SHIROASA | S.A.

      Thanks for asking!

      I’ve recently been able to acquire insurance to ease the cost of seeing a doctor. I should be scheduling something to see one soon.

      • Alex

        Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Does that mean you haven’t been able to visit a doctor at all since May? Did you at least go to a drug store and take whatever advice they were able to give, e.g. an ointment or something?
        Man, every time I read something about the USA’s health care system I get shivers and I thank god for having been born in Europe.

        Btw. I just browsed your tumblr and I was wondering something about the Glass Brush image: IIRC the Katakana read
        Garasu Burashi
        I would’ve expected Gu instead of Ga, but I know that Karasu means crow and the image is very black. Was that pun on purpose?

        • SHIROASA | S.A.

          No, I haven’t had insurance all year and I’ve been trying since March to get it but was denied because…reasons? I did finally manage to get it though this month.
          Since my wrist started acting up even before I made the hiatus post, I’ve been trying all sorts of things, like ergonomic setups and whatnot, it’s all just a pretty big bandaid.
          Recently I thought I had gotten better, but it crapped out again and I can only draw for like an hour a day before shit kicks in.
          It’s really random lately.

          Re: Glass brush, actually sort of? I had downloaded some cool crow brushes right before making that glass brush and I swear half of me was stupid thinking about カラス and instead wrote ガラス. I feel like an idiot now but I’ll pretend I’m smart and make it a crow pun 8)

          • Alex

            Alright, then I’ll pretend that I actually was on to something with the crows instead of just trying to make a pun. XD

            I hope the doctor can help you. Get well soon!

          • damoose79

            Any luck with the doctor? I really hope they are able to do something for you.

          • SHIROASA | S.A.

            I have an appt next week and then probably gonna get referred to a specialist, I also hope things will go well (*・∧・*)

  15. Midgardtohelheim

    Any new updates on the wrist? I’ve been checking monthly for updates and haven’t seen any in a while. Also don’t worry about losing readers, some of us can wait on new updates for years like on the zombie hunters webcomic!

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