RESULTS: Third Year Anniversary Poll

Hi there, as the poll ended I’d like to share results, and personally reply to a couple of suggestions.

First I want to say thank you for taking the time to do the poll even if it was quite brief. All of your input and opinions I really appreciate!

Second thanks for making the most boring pie graph ever.

Pie Graph Results

As you can see the video about how the comic came to be and past characters information has won the popular vote. This will be aired on August 1st, as that is the day I started this comic, but Patrons will be able to have a sneak peek and see it 2 weeks in advance.

Anyway, a lot of people left encouraging comments (thank you! I didn’t even know I had this many readers), but I wanted to address some specific things that people had left. Without further ado:

It is a very interesting comic. The background on how you developed it interests most, as does the background of more of the characters. I suppose giving that away could give away parts of the story though. Keep doing what you are doing, it is a fun read.

  • S.A.: I tried to write the script with no spoilers. The characters were so radically different back then that they have almost zero semblance to the current ones now, so there’s no need to fret about that •‿•
  • Pharazon: The video shows as much as we can about the characters without ruining the plot. Thank you for reading and enjoying the comic!
  • Oshgoggles: I don’t think expanding on how the characters were conceptualized would give away too much, and to be honest is something I’d be willing to talk about if more people were interested. Also thank you!

Even if I see the need you may have to celebrate this anniversary, I find that the most satisfying thing is the continuation of the story and the development of the characters and the situations.
Thank you for your work.

  • S.A.: We will keep pressing forward. Thank you.
  • Pharazon: The most satisfying thing for me is seeing people enjoying and wanting to read more of the comic. Thank YOU for deciding to continue reading this comic.
  • Oshgoggles: More situations and development to come!

not much. love the comic. don’t trust 4 arm guy.

  • S.A.: Jay is bae tho, he’s a bundle of joy
  • Pharazon: It will be hard to keep your two eyes on four arms.
  • Oshgoggles: Keep your wallet safe my friend

Backstory and worldbuilding is always appreciated. 🙂

  • S.A.: I am slow at drawing
  • Pharazon: We’re working on it.
  • Oshgoggles: Intense want exists to deliver that

Seen the making of 1 page, really interesting. Played the skyrim mod too, but gief more backstory :p

  • S.A.: Skyrim mod was my ‘I can’t make a webcomic so let’s try this’ prototype, so onward to making this comic cough up lots of backstory!
  • Pharazon: Thank you for trying out the mod, I hope you enjoyed that as well. Backstory is coming.

Would be nice to have some action again like in the start of the comic 😀 Anyway still awesome that you continue this xD

  • S.A.: (muffled chuckling to self regarding upcoming chapters)
  • Pharazon: Please be patient with us, we have some very fun scenes planned.
  • Oshgoggles: Oh boy! Stay tuned then!

Love the comic so far! Keep up the good work! For fun stuffs, you could dress your characters up OOC style like some artists. Or do cutesy little Q&A sessions. Thanks again for the art!

  • S.A.: I was thinking this recently since it’s been hot as balls out I kinda wanted to draw characters in casual summer wear. Also I tried to do Q&A on Tapastic but I lost interest in drawing short comics for each question pretty quickly…

Just keep making more pages and advance the story, please.

  • S.A.: No worries, we are going strong. This was just a fun side project so I wouldn’t burnout
  • Pharazon: Please be patient with us.

I like the otherworldly aspects of the comic. Bouquin and the monster in her stomach make the comic far more intriguing than the average, “adventurers do stuff and succeed” type of story. I’m interested as to where the story will go from here, and potentially what problems arise from having a monster literally inside you.

  • S.A.: Yes, this becomes evident in future comics.
  • Pharazon: Do stuff and fail is sometimes better character building than do stuff and succeed.
  • Oshgoggles: Oh you have no idea. I am excited for some upcoming developments, but I can’t say just yet

How about a anniversary request sketch stream? Where you do a raffle live and draw wingless related requests from your fans? (^^

  • S.A.: I can’t work spontaneously, so this couldn’t work ( ´_ゝ`) Thank you for the suggestion though. Maybe in the future when I get more confident with coming up with poses on the fly.

I’m a mediocre artist and have honestly always been pretty curious about the processes of others. It would be really cool to see yours!

  • S.A.: I don’t often stream, but our youtube channel has a couple of process videos, and I generally put process gifs as voting incentives for top webcomics.
  • Pharazon: If you have any questions in particular please feel free to ask.

More scenes of badassery/monsterfication. Three years and only a handful of crazy scenes to date… great comic though it’s been a blast to read and I’m looking forward to 3 more awesome years! – big fan: fudderbudder

  • S.A.: This is only the tutorial level.
  • Pharazon: Please be patient with us, we do have some fun scenes planned in the future.
  • Oshgoggles: We too want more monsters and violence. The things are about to collide into a fan of some sort or however that saying goes. Stay tuned!

What would you think of a recap page showing the growth of the characters as well as the story so far? It could also show how your art style has changed in the 3 years.

  • S.A.: I might do a small extra on this. As for recaps, I did recently add small summaries of each chapter to the archive page.
  • Pharazon: It is always fun to look back and see what has been improved.

Some sort of character pinup or group photo?

  • S.A.: I wouldn’t mind doing this after another character gets properly introduced, haha ( ̄▽ ̄)
  • Pharazon: This idea sounds pretty good
  • Oshgoggles: I like this idea

Loving it so far! Your comic deserves to be ranked much higher!

  • Pharazon: Thank you for saying that. If you really enjoy it please please please let others know about it. We are only 3 people in a world of trillions.
  • Oshgoggles: Progress takes time but I want people to see a more complete story. I am glad you have stuck with us

I want to see something that you want to show us the most. I don’t want to see you burn out on something for this comic series, but I hope that whatever you create for the 3rd anniversary will be something you are proud of.

  • S.A.: I had fun planning & making it, I hope you like it.
  • Pharazon: I think you will be pleased with the 3rd anniversary creation.

A community server on a game sounds fun! It’d be cool to join one of those for a webcomic I like.

  • S.A.: There’s not much of a community yet. Maybe 10 yrs in the future.

Do you have any tips for new artists?

  • S.A.: Don’t be afraid of critique and don’t think you’re the hottest shit to hit the earth, but also take pride in things you think you did well or had fun with. Don’t try to stylize before learning how to draw the basics.
  • Pharazon: General tip, keep drawing/painting. Keep challenging yourself with new aspects, scenary, poses, fur, machines, anything you can think of. Any specific tips I will point you to S.A., but honestly time spent on the craft and you will improve. Just look at the comic and the progress earned in just 1 – 2 or even 3 years.

Very interesting story, but it’s been going for a while and it still feels like it’s just getting started. That’s a good sign for the comic, long term, but I want to read the next 100 pages _right_now_! (Or maybe 200.)

  • S.A.: I understand and I feel the same way. I have some plans for the earlier chapters that I can’t speak of yet but hopefully will make up for the slow beginning. It’s difficult having to sit tight and wait, I know. But I’m really excited for the next few coming chapters as things get really interesting and pick up from there.
  • Pharazon: I KNOW! It’s so hard waiting for new pages to catch up with the writing but we want to keep the quality of both to be high enough for readers to enjoy no matter what page they are looking at. (I like to occasionally reread from the beginning)

So there you have it! Again, thanks to everyone who said some words of encouragement, they mean a lot to us!! I really hope you enjoy the video for our third year of the comic running and I also hope that you enjoyed airing your opinions. Let’s keep doing our best! We’ll keep creating this comic for all of you until my arm falls off. Cheers!


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