La Fin: January Madness


As you have all feared, the end of the month has reared its head1, and now you all may lament the passing of January Madness.

The schedule will return to only Thursdays for February. But don’t hang your head! There will be a surprise at the end of February2.

Thank you for reading.

Wishing for a vacation,

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Bouquin’s notes: 1) Who even says this? Is the month in labour? Why would you write such terrible imagery? 2) I have heard rumours that our audience celebrates a day of love in the middle of the month. I suggest scheduling something appropriate for the holiday.

“Something appropriate?” Did you think I would draw something… obscene?

I was referring to the context of something appropriate for the holiday; not that kind of appropriate you brainless idiot. I am fairly certain my theory now is correct: the taller they are, the emptier the skull.


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