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Just as I promised, the so-called surprise at the end of February is this message: March Madness is in store for you! I’ve received suggestions that maybe it should have some alliteration, so maybe I should just call it March Mania?1 I don’t know anymore.

What I do know is that we will be updating on both Tuesday and Thursday again for the month of March!

I know what you are thinking: “Lily, why can’t you just permanently make it two days a week like all the other things I read? I also don’t know who you even are yet!”2 And to that I say that I am simply trying!

Drawing this biography takes a substantial amount of time, and between that, putting up with a pretentious very intelligent book3 and other responsibilities I have make it difficult to persistently make two pages a week. I would like to present pages to you, audience, as fast as I can4, but I also don’t want to start giving bad quality because of missing deadlines (mostly because I don’t want to die in my sleep).

Until then, please enjoy reading.

Your humble artist,

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Bouquin’s notes: 1) I feel that this route may uproot horrible opportunities involving a thesaurus and poor naming choices. 2) I see you have been comparing this trash to other stories. With how slow you complete this, there is little wonder why your audience is so small. 3) I require less maintenance than a piece of fruit you incompetent slime. 4) You are not even a character in the story yet. That is how slow you have been writing this.

4 thoughts on “March Something”

  1. Tenko

    March Madness isn’t alliteration?

  2. Tenko

    March Madness isn’t alliteration?

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