It feels so long since I wrote something. Then again, nothing comparatively interesting could happen after my adventures with Ephelia. Now, I’m stuck1 here, writing this – not exactly an exciting life.

I’m excited to tell you that for the month of May we will have updates again on both Tuesday and Thursday! I’ve been slacking2 on trying to figure out what to call it. Maybe I should go back to using “Madness?” May Madness it is!

It has been a bit of a struggle around here lately with Bouquin, trying to get pages done in time3. I had to think about if May Madness was possible or not. Thankfully, Aluna looked to our favour.

Your writer,

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Bouquin’s notes: 1) Stuck? Stuck? You? Stuck. You, stuck. Look at me, look at yourself, then re-read what you just wrote. 2) Unable to register surprise. 3) Whose fault is this? Certainly not mine.

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  1. personman

    Write harder Lily!

  2. personman

    Write harder Lily!

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