A runaway princess from Machiavelli. She seeks to restore her family's crumbled honour by becoming a famous knight. Though eager for new opportunities, she often acts impulsively and can be stubborn. Her optimistic nature leads her to make friends easily and tends to be quite trusting. Despite her noble lineage, she fails at even the most novice of spells.

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Age: 16

Ethnicity: Eirian

Origin: Lumière

Height: 5'1" (155cm)

Occupation: Squire

Worships: Aluna

Full name: Ephelia de Vermillion

Native - Eirianic
Rudimentary - Seraphic

Likes: Snails, the outdoors, finding new plants, cactus, eating mushrooms, alchemy, yellow, dresses, salted fish, springtime, swords, calla lilies, big crowds

Dislikes: Onions, overbearingness, cooking, people who doubt her, being told "no", magic, studying, being cooped up, blood, being alone