Welcome to 2017. Please enjoy your stay.

You know those times where a thing takes SO long you’re just like, “fuck it?” This was one of these pages. SO done with this one.

I will be leaving for Anime Zap! today to be awkward to people who come to my booth. Check out my flyer here.

9 thoughts on “Page 170”

  1. Hannah

    Gorgeous. So looking forward to reading from the beginning. (I love your nav bar, by the way!)

    • Pharazon

      Thank you Hannah, we worked very hard on both the site and comic. I hope you will enjoy the story so far!

      • Hannah

        I’m all caught up! I loved spending even just a few hours in you all’s world – great art, and great story so far. Thanks for the quick reply!

  2. I ain't writing my name

    Just saw this from an ad on that comic rating site and read it all in a day. I really love it and can’t wait to read more! The art is lovely, the story captivating, and the characters well-designed.

  3. jackmarten

    i still remember how i joined this comic from skyrim nexus page for followers and until now i never regretted it at all! i love it! looking forward for the next page!

  4. DCThanatos

    I just realized something, but is it possible, the Bonquin is telling the story? I dunno, just a inference

  5. Mike South

    Taxation if theft, yo.

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