A spooky hand appears!

By the way I added the 2016 Christmas Collab I participated in for Tapastic in the Extras comic section, take a look if you haven’t seen it already.

5 thoughts on “Page 172”

  1. dredogastus f

    This is why adventuring is a young persons game. Whenever you NEED a good nights sleep, somebody attacks the camp.

  2. jackmarten

    well that interesting; that could either be a soldier’s hand or it could be Alif’s hand or anyone’s hand that wear an armor, i hope Lily gets some more action / screen time later on because so far he has been only a support character

  3. The Meh

    Y’know, every time I see even the slightest bit of Lily, I’m still concerned as to his origin. He’s not been really explained much past him pretty much existing with the group, and we don’t even have an actual name for him else than what was given. He’s probably the most mysterious character of the group we’ve got at this moment, really… to which, I’d love to see the outcome produced by such a character as himself.

    • jackmarten

      yup she barely met him after that solider captured her hand and she went all out attack, besides what the paladins’ said really got my interest since she sees them as monsters while the truth is they are very normal human beings but she’s heavily hallucinating vividly, add to that Lily simply came out of the nowhere and based on the book friend’s story which is truly nothing more than a big lie to keep her sanity, Lily simply was there … for no reason. and why is he listening to her and acting very much selflessly, i mean Lily truly is the most mysterious character so far… sorry for this long comment but please hear me out.

      a quick recap based on what we saw so far:
      in her younger years Ephelia was a princess of some kind, she had an older brother that took care of her, we know next to nothing about her actual origins; is she an aristocrat girl or something like that? when she grew up she happened to find the book that speaks to her, in some kind of a dungeon/ basement, and they made a sort of a pact/ deal, that in a way or another it will help her out to become a knight is she .. takes it with her somewhere???
      Ephelia runs away from wherever she lives in and now she’s being chased by paladins and soldiers why? is she very important that they are looking for her or are they chasing after her under some kind of arrest order?
      farther on Ephelia sees all those who are around her as monsters + she saw animals with illness + how can she know if she’s ill herself or not?
      she’s supposed to know kinds of magic yet she only knows one single useless spell! is she going to become an arcane knight?
      the couple that she found were kind to her will they come back? the lady with the glasses took from her the dagger of her brother’s why?
      and are there some specific conditions for her to go all out attack like she did previously? because according to all original art and even fan art Ephelia will eventually accept that she CAN SUMMON weapons and stuff from the inside of herself! hell even in the comic’s own logo she’s holding a blade with an eye on it!
      now reaching the biggest question of all…. who revived her in the first place? was it a cursed spider as the title of the first volume suggests? or was it some type of a demon? what exactly took from her, her own essence and brought her back to life only to hide within her that creature that ALONE CAN TAKE DOWN the entire kingdom! Ephelia is TOO STRONG on her own! she just doesn’t know how to use her powers yet that’s all!
      ending this recap… according to the very first page of the webcomic … the video.
      Ephelia literally MAY NOT SURVIVE until the end. the story’s main concept is walking along with her in her journey to become a knight and see what happens to her until her time comes! in a way the trailer DID spoil the comic’s ending! Ephelia WILL DIE, she’s already dead as is but no, the one that gave her the second chance will return to take it back! sorry about the too long recap

      one last additional point: i still believe that Ephelia looked prettier with her longer hair, but oh well, i’m not the author so let’s see how will this come out in the end.

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