Chapter 7 - Yellow Budding Rose: Page 191

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4 thoughts on “Page 191”

  1. jackmarten

    Lily had AMNESIA before he even met Ephelia?! wow! now this is new! and if she was the one passed out, then does that transformation affect her memory as it affects her body as well? i wonder keep it up! great work!

  2. anonamoose

    Question: Is the ability to still know what a bath is and how to use one not included in the Ye Olde Amnesia Bundle Package deluxe, with plot connivance?

    • Refugnic

      Actually, many of our skills are etched into our muscle memory: We do them without thinking.
      You know, stuff like walking and all that junk.
      These information are buried on an entirely different level of our mind, making it difficult for even an amnesia to take away (which usually focuses on actual memories like our childhood or what name we used).

      A game that worked with this nicely was ‘Privateer 2 – The darkening’ (waaaay back), where the amnesic protagonist said: ‘I know how everything works, but I don’t know how’.

      It’s the same with Lily, I believe.

      • D

        There is also the fact that what we know isn’t stored in one place. You might know everything about quantum science and forget what you were doing 5 seconds ago. There are specific places for native language, other languages, writing, mental skills, and so on. Even our memory is divided into pieces.

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