Chapter 7 - Yellow Budding Rose: Page 194

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A page in which Alif schools a naive girl.

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7 thoughts on “Page 194”

  1. jackmarten

    and the class starts! let’s see how will it go! looking forward for next pages!

  2. Hyrule Symbol (@Hyrule_Sy…

    Heh, this is fun because that’s actually one of the first things you train when you’re learning to wield a blade (a more Katana-like blade in my case) it makes sure you don’t get swung around by your blade and gain better control over it

    • Hyrule Symbol (@Hyrule_Sy…

      Minde that a blade is much more heqvy than they seem, they ususally don’t go over 1kg, but because the center of mass is away from your grip, it’s quite difficult to stop after a strong swing

      • D

        Still much closer that top-heavy weapons such as maces. Which is the reason why you do NOT cut at heavy armored enemy. Steel sword won’t cut through steel armor. On the other hand hammers and maces are hard to control due to their mass distribution. They aren’t that much heavier than swords, usually. A 1 handed sword tends to be under 1 kg, 2 handed ones were usually around 1,5, through there were exeptions heavier than 3 (of course not counting ceremonial swords, bearing sword is around 6,5kg). In comparison 1 handed mace average was about 1,2 (I think, not sure). I don’t know how much 2 handed mace weight but the can get away with far more weight here due to bigger leveage control.

        Maces need less technique to master (you still need to learn hot to hit proprely), are easier to maintain (maces can break at shaft, but they are cheaper to repair, need no sharpening, nor a smith, once top is made) and often regarded as “common people weapon”.

        It’s harder to defend with mace. Also, don’t dream about fencing with those. That makes shields a must have for 1 handed mace users.

        And now I know that I wathed to much shadeversity videos.

  3. Tenko

    Oh god she’s armed.

  4. redemptionwebcomic


    Just found your comic via WebComics Hub. At first I thought it was going to be some cutesy anime-type story, but I decided to read it anyway…and man, that beheading took me off guard. You won me over! I plan on reading through and catching up to date.

    writer of

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