Chapter 7 - Yellow Budding Rose: Page 207

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Hello friends, I’ve went back to the old commenting form. Sorry, the new one was giving me problems. I hope you understand.

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7 thoughts on “Page 207”

  1. jackmarten

    couldn’t have said it better than you Jay! she was indeed being an unworthy annoying bitch at the very least you done with her for good

    thanks for the page! please do keep it up!

  2. willy

    So being rude and bitchy does work after all.

  3. SpaceShipRat (@SpaceShipR…


  4. Hyrule Symbol (@Hyrule_Sy…

    But Jay… isn’t that stolen money?
    (Look at page 182)

  5. Wheeeeee

    I find myself curious about the various races. I do read “cast” and “lore” pages in comics sometimes. 😀

    • S.A.

      Sometimes! Well friend you might be sometimes excited that there will be a new cast page going up in a few weeks!
      I’m getting some people questioning supplemental lore, all I can say is, there is something in mind with no ETA … Orz

  6. Bubblekin Spawn

    Deloric, the land of the mixed message.

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