Chapter 8 - Hunting Bird: Page 212

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We are back, thanks for being patient!!

A lot of stuff happened over the break! I was in a car crash which was exciting and painful! Also I rebranded all my social media stuff to my company name, Facebook is the only one that couldn’t be salvaged so if you were a follower of the old Wingless facebook page, please see HERE for the explanation and like the new page for updates!

10 thoughts on “Page 212”

  1. MrCorbi

    Welcome back! Missed you! °3°

  2. jackmarten

    welcome back lily! it was boring without you glad to hear you are doing well, sorry about the car accident you had, glad you are alive and doing well
    take more care about yourself and keep showing us your art! welcome back!

  3. willy

    Welcome back! Hope it wasn’t your car wrecked? Car wrecks suck!

  4. charlie

    this is the better comic about fantasy in the world!, the picture, the story, the charactes. All.
    and i a little question. Whats the name of the music in the opening?

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