Chapter 8 - Hunting Bird: Page 223

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2 thoughts on “Page 223”

  1. Sabreur

    Huh. Seems like this guy is trying to pick a fight. I’m betting that Belina will refuse to take the bait. Jay is less serene than Belina, but he’s also streetwise enough to know when to keep calm.
    Ephelia is less certain. She takes her cues from Belina, but she’s got an impulsive streak a mile wide.

  2. jackmarten

    so they came to pick a fight over a job….
    Alif reacted quite wisely but the way they are bullying ….
    “sigh” sadly Ephelia can’t turn into that thing unless her life is in literal danger so … forget about her turning into a beast with a sword storm!
    many of the art i saw in the gallery is about Ephelia .. summoning a sword, or an umbrella, or even her own transformation into a stand alone existence … is she really going to reach THAT level of controlling her curse? i wonder .. or is it mere merchandising art that lacks any real ground?
    thanks for the page please keep up the great work!

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