Chapter 8 - Hunting Bird: Page 228

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I’ve been binging anime lately, shit’s so good
So far I’ve watched Made in Abyss, ERASED, Your Lie in April, and I’m watching Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens as it airs

Why can’t I hold all these feels????
I’m making a ton of new fanart stuff for Anime Midwest this year ╰(°ㅂ°)╯

9 thoughts on “Page 228”

  1. killaim

    for a brief moment there i thought she just got the book to “draw” that and she plucked it out of the book. making me go “….waaaah????”

    but now i know she just used him to press flowers.

    disrespecting dat book!

    how nuts would the book be if it could materialize stuff like that though o.o

  2. willy

    Flowers are better than bloody limbs hunging out.

  3. Arcanestomper

    For someone who has never haggled before a thirty percent discount is pretty impressive.

  4. FatedDarkly

    Haha, I like how proud she looks in that panel. Very cute. :3

  5. Tenko


    Lily is speaking.

  6. FatedDarkly

    WHAT A WEIRD COMIC! XD There all all those moments, like panel two, where she looks extra cute and pretty, but then I remember the earlier chapters filled with DEATH, DECAPITATION, MUTILATION, AND FLESHY GOREY MONSTROSITIES.

    Also wasn’t Made in Abyss extra good??? It makes me think of this comic but in reverse, where the story starts off ON A GOOD FOOT and then it all turns out, instead of EVERYTHING IS KINDA TERRIBLE AT THE BEGINNING and then it starts to turn around.

  7. Alex

    I watched Your Lie in April, too. The story was great, the intro was captivating, but the “girl-beats-up-boy-humor” was abysmal and the mid-season lolicon-bait was even worse.

    It was as if the creators had a great story to tell but didn’t have the confidence to tell it as it was, but they had to mix in a bunch of standard mainstream japanese tropes just for money and viewers, which almost ruined it for me.

    • SHIROASA | S.A.

      I agree entirely, the loli shit was stupid and I honestly don’t know how Kousei stayed friends with girls who beat him up all the time. Other than that it was great and dat twist at the end tho

      • Alex

        Yeah, I believe he only stayed friends with her because it’s a standard japanese trope (see Haruhi, Toradora, Zero no Tsukaima, Jungle wa itsumo hale, Amaenaideo, Dokuro-chan etc. etc.), so they just keep going as if the beatings had never happened.

        But I cried during almost all of the final episode. 🙂

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