Chapter 8 - Hunting Bird: Page 234

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Hi, we are back.
My wrist is still kinda weird…
Anyway, I started to stream fairly regularly now, anything from illustrations, 3d modeling or some vidya.
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5 thoughts on “Page 234”

  1. jackmarten

    i hope it’s mere a light shave of arm hair … that tools looks thirsty for blood O_O “glup”
    by the way S.A have you sent the envelope yet?
    and how often do you stream on twist so i can follow you?

  2. SamuFinland

    Well that certainly looks like a painful tattoo removal tool

  3. willy

    But does he have a painter’s permit to use that? WELLCOME BACK!!!

  4. MrCorbi

    Welcome back senpai! \( °3°)/

  5. dredogastus f

    I don’t know about that old man. That, in our world, is cement/plaster trowel. Used for applying and finishing the goopy material. How the heck is that going to help find anything?
    Oh, and, good to see you back.

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