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6 thoughts on “Page 177”

  1. jackmarten

    so it’s true he’s indeed Ephelia’s big brother and he’s now trying to find out where she has gone, best of luck! for you and looking forward to the next page Lily!

  2. anonamoose

    id hate to be that person to make this joke, but i digress to say this

    *and suddenly, another bouquin*

    • jackmarten

      what is truly bothering me is how will he react to the new knowledge that his sister turned into a slaughter machine when she’s critically afraid? i don’t suppose she’ll end up killing him , or at least i hope she doesn’t

  3. The Meh

    Somehow, I just knew I was right about him being Ephelia’s brother. Can’t wait to see how his character develops over time xD

  4. michaeljsouth

    Just a reminder that you are awesome and your comic is awesome and thanks for sharing it!

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