My brother, unyielding blade of the imouto
Rise, if you would
For that is our plot!

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3 thoughts on “Page 178”

  1. jackmarten

    light fading?! is this supposed to mean he is in a big trouble or is it that he knows she’s in big trouble? this is getting interesting!

    • anonamoose

      or maybe it means that our protagonist *forgot her name im so sorry* might die. A fading light may refer to someone dying

  2. Refugnic

    If I were to wager a guess (which I so love doing), then this little charm (which sorta resembles an Ankh, the Egyptian symbol for eternal life) is linked to Ephelia’s life…meaning if it goes out, Ephelia’s dead.

    Either that or, which is another possibility, it’s like the Rose from the Beauty and the Beast…when the last petal falls, something terrible happens.

    But then again, can things really get that much worse?

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