I left this page unfinished for over a month because I refused to get a reference for Lily grabbing his clothes! I just finished it yesterday!

Also I have a SUPER big and important announcement coming next week so please keep an eye out and wait patiently, thank you! Hope you will like the news!

7 thoughts on “Page 181”

  1. anonamoose

    i wouldnt exactally say life story when lilly can only remember like the last 3 weeks or so of his life

  2. jackmarten

    interesting page! i wonder who Lily really is, i’ll keep an eye in the next week thanks for the note!

  3. Avisia

    That eye close up is friggin awesome looking.

  4. Pylgrim

    Is the shape of the eyes (in addition to things like horns or extra arms) indicative of different “species” of humanoids? Or is just a stylistic character design thing? I just noticed that Lily’s eyes are different from any other male character we’ve seen.

  5. Zophah

    How dare a character avoid giving exposition!

  6. Sabreur

    Resistance is useless, Jay. Friendship cannot be denied!

  7. nomyriad

    love the colour work and POV on this page!

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