Chapter 7 - Yellow Budding Rose: Page 182

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Hello this is my super big announcement!

First of all in April we are finally having a double update month! It took a while to recover from a near hiatus crisis at the beginning of this chapter but I’ve finally built a solid buffer to present to you!

Secondly I have launched my PATREON! WHOA!! You can read the news about it here or go check out the Patreon dashboard here!

(p.s. this page made me super fucking mad!)

6 thoughts on “Page 182”

  1. anonamoose

    second time im super early XD

    i have no life i guess, but ya keep me chugging. thanks

  2. dredogastus f

    Ah!! It’s a bright new day. Errands to run, knightly abilities to learn and pockets to pick. What could go wrong?

  3. jackmarten

    so Lily is learning how to steal and Ephelia is learning how to be a knight let’s see how will this go, by the way congratz for the patreon

  4. SpaceShipRat (@SpaceShipR…

    So, first you put the wax on…

  5. arendeth

    thanks for the chapter

  6. bleh

    Wearing the purse on a string at the back calls for this, I mean. But maybe it is filled with stones and the guy has stored his money elswhere?

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