4 thoughts on “Page 183”

  1. jackmarten

    Alif has a very good point! without a good well maintained sword the knight won’t have anything to defend themselves with!
    let’s see how will Ephelia go from this point onwards! you must learn the basics before you go to fight! that’s basic knowledge!

  2. dredogastus f

    And all that work will build her muscles as well.
    Reminds me of an story. A boy goes to an old man and asks how to be stronger. Old man says he will think about it. In the meantime the boy can help out by cutting scrap wood for the stove. For days boy goes to old man’s place and cuts wood. The old one “is thinking about it”. After a week the boy says he is being pranked. Old man says lift that wheel.

  3. SpaceShipRat (@SpaceShipR…

    As I said, wax on! 😀

  4. Refugnic

    And just what did Ephelia think a squire is doing?
    She’s going to be lifting stuff and maintaining weapons for quite a while, while getting taught the trade in exchange.

    Oh wait, her fairy tale books never mentioned that part, did they?

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