Chapter 7 - Yellow Budding Rose: Page 201

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Hello this page gave me cancer!! Anyway I’m back from Anime Midwest and I had fun!! I cosplayed 9S from Nier Automata… here’s a picture!

Also I updated my online store!! I put Comic Issue #2 in the store and more importantly both comics are now ON SALE, $6 for Issue 1 (32 pages) and $8 for Issue 2 (52 pages)! Check it out here! I am planning to stop printing comics, so after they sell out they’re gone forever (◉‿◉)

I also updated my sticker and button designs which you can find here, and added the Nier prints I was selling at Midwest here! Lastly, there are charms now in the shop which you can view here!


9 thoughts on “Page 201”

  1. NotImportant ๏◡๏ (@…

    Aaah! She’s so cute! And i’d say that page was worth getting a cancer or two. I love those city backgrounds.

    • S.A.

      Thank you!! (´;ω;`)

      (I…accidentally deleted this comment somehow while replying on my phone…SORRY)

      • Refugnic

        And there I was wondering, why NI’s comment didn’t show up the last time I checked.

        I wouldn’t worry about it too much though, no harm done and after all, we are all just human. Well, Ephelia less than most, but meh. 😛

  2. jackmarten

    i like the fact that Alif and Ephelia are getting along together it’s really nice! looking for the next page! thanks!

  3. Refugnic

    It would be plain foolish for Alif to take a complete rookie on an assignment she doesn’t feel like she can handle all by herself.

    Cause after all, a rookie can not hold their weight by herself quite yet, meaning that they are someone they need to keep out of harms way. Essentially a burden, especially against sentient enemies who can use an easy prey to throw their main adversary off guard.

    However Alif may be in for a bit of a surprise if Ephelia should end up in a pickle…which is quite likely to happen to say the least.

    I wonder what Jay is up to though.
    Looks like a guild office of some sort.

  4. MrCorbi

    Cuteness overload!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

  5. Julian Hartley Sloman

    I just got caught up from page 1 to the most recent in about an hour… The art is beautiful, though that affects production speed, eh? Well great work, and keep it coming!

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