Chapter 7 - Yellow Budding Rose: Page 200

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10 thoughts on “Page 200”

  1. xrogaan

    You know, medieval fencing is as much about not getting hit than disabling your opponents. The first thing she should be taught is that as soon as her enemy is within her reach, so is she in reach from the enemy’s weapon.

    Would she strike a death blow, in that moment the opponent could do the same or worse: maim her. On strike death blow exists only in movies, in reality you want to wear down your opponents to put them in a position in which they can’t strike back.

    This is why endurance and precision are primordial in fencing, techniques comes after.

    • jackmarten

      i truly hope she gets better quickly, how long will it take her until she’s able to summon weapons from her organs?
      and if she is trapped by a group of thugs or such will she get to use her transformation as she pleases? or will she be able to summon that creature from her stomach without the need to turn into it? too many questions to look for answers for

  2. Refugnic

    You know, he may not be in this page, but Lily keeps bothering me.
    If he is the narrator of this story, there is a major flaw in the storytelling itself: He is telling us things he cannot know about.

    Right now, he is physically absent, going shopping with Jay, however we, the audience, learn how Ephelia’s training is going.

    This leaves us with multiple options:
    – I stumbled across a major plot hole (which, quite personally, I do not think)
    – He heard about the training later and that’s how he knows (likely, but no fun. Plus, this still leaves a gaping hole as to how he came to know about the things that happened BEFORE Lily and Ephelia met. I doubt she would tell anyone.)
    – Lily is, in fact, present, in two locations at the same time.

    Now, allow me to elaborate on the third option:
    Lily is, by no means, a mere human, but much rather a magical creature, a sentinel of sorts summoned by either Bouquin or the spider creature, though if I were to bet, I’d put my money on Bouquin.

    His purpose being a guide, tutor and friend for Ephelia in a way Bouquin cannot be. (Especially since Bouquin cannot move by himself)

    It would also explain how he is privy to the information he has told us up to now, because Bouquin was with Ephelia the entire time we’ve been watching them, either ‘personally’ or in the shape of Lily.

    This also ties in nicely with the opening:

    ‘I heard her laugh, I made her cry, she fell in love, I watched her die. And now for you I tell her tale…’ (Yes, I have it open in another tab, I’m not THAT bonkers. :P)

    The only thing the narrator ever ‘did’ was make her cry. (And let’s be honest, Bouquin has a harsh streak, to say the least. But it is fair.)
    Other than that, all they did was ‘watch’, like a neutral observer.

    And now they tell her tale…just like a book tells the tale of heroes past, present or possible future.

    Ah yeah, nice to see that the pergament now expands with the length of the comment box, certainly makes it easier to click that submit button.

    Thank you kindly.

    • MrCorbi

      Or, since Lily is writing in Bouquin, it’s option 2, Bouquin told him. But nice theory though

      • Refugnic

        Is he? Must’ve missed that detail, quite honestly.
        Plus, Bouquin is a magic book, who can make writing appear in order to make conversation, why would he need anyone to write into it?

        So yeah, I’m not giving up on that theory just yet. đŸ˜‰

        • MrCorbi

          Just go to the cast section and you’ll see ^>^ Honestly that theory is pretty cool and parts of it are coherent but a part of me prefers more simple explanations X^)

          • Refugnic

            Ah, now I see. Must’ve missed that detail, alright.
            Considering how Bouquin can make writing appear magically, it shouldn’t have posed any sort of problem for it to make the half-sentence it didn’t like all together instead of just striking it out though. đŸ˜›

            And simple explanations are fine and everything, but part of the fun while interacting with a fellow artist is throwing all kinds of theories about the background and possible ways for the story to continue at them, basically tearing at the very fabric of the story, trying to figure out what’s going to happen before it happens.

            Me being a writer myself, I like finding explanations and filling in holes that have yet to be filled by the artist themselves.

            I tend to get carried away sometimes though. đŸ˜€

  3. MrCorbi

    No problem ;^)

    HOWEVER, there is a point in the story where your original observation aplies and where neither Bouquin or Lily were present : the “Dream” in the prologue. How did they know about it? One of them (or both) is probably related to the Spider…

    Or it’s just a plot hole… But I hope not

    • Refugnic

      There is an explanation, which is a side effect of my theory, although I’m not too fond of this particular aspect (plus, it’s part of the theory I posted a few pages back).

      First off, Bouquin has been with Ephelia the entire time we’ve read about her, hasn’t it? And it, being a magic book and everything, would be perfectly capable of at the very least witnessing the dreams of the one it bonded with.

      As for why I’m not too fond of that: This part of the theory states, that Bouquin is the very reason why Ephelia is, in fact, still alive after being decapitated early in.

      What is the difference between this particular little girl with big dreams and any other sap unlucky enough to stumble into that cave?
      What makes her so very special that the spider would choose her to be its vessel? To give her a second life?

      The answer is bound in leather, has a twitching eye and a bit of an attitude at times.

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