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Author comments on June 29, 2017

Tomorrow is the last day to participate in the third anniversary poll. So, please read HERE and do it if you haven’t already.

Next week I will be at Anime Midwest. Hope I can see some fans there!

Please look at my table HERE to find out where I’m at, table O16!!


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  • jackmarten posted at June 29, 2017 9:04 am:

    so different types of armor require different types of attacks, and you need to strike at the vulnerable points rather than striking randomly okay! what’s the next lesson Alif!

  • Bubblekin Spawn posted at June 29, 2017 11:05 am:

    I like how it is covering the realistic part of weapon combat. The shock that runs through a weapon after striking a sturdy object can really mess your joints up. Anyone who has swung a baseball bat at a tree can attest to the amount of pain that comes from the vibrations.

  • When your opponent wears heavy armour and all you have is a sword your options are:
    stabbing – needs high precision and usually fitting blade, high risk, high reward
    grappling – yes there are grappling techniques with a sword. No heavy armour, as restictive and heavy as it was, didn’t turn people into turtles (
    halfswording – basically using sword as an impromtu mace. Effectiveness depend greatly on sword’s guard.

  • rest

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