Chapter 7 - Yellow Budding Rose: Page 203

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8 thoughts on “Page 203”

  1. willy

    Wonder what would happen if he said no?

  2. jackmarten

    i don’t understand what happened but about an hour ago i came here the moment the notification appeared in my inbox e-mail and suddenly the website here repeatedly told me error 500 can’t display webpage ….
    any idea what is going on Lily? and now thanks god the website is open again but i’m still not relaxed yet i need to be more caution

    as for the page if she doesn’t want him in the store THAT much he can easily make rumors against her shop and drive her into bankruptcy because she doesn’t deserve customers! sheesh!

    • Refugnic

      500 is ‘internal server error’. It has nothing to do with you, but much rather was a server side problem…you usually get these, if there’s a programming error in the website you’re trying to view and the webserver cannot parse it for you.

      As for what’s going on with Lily: He shook him and told him ‘to come find him later’ if I remember correctly.

      And yes, I agree with you on one thing: He should just do her the favor and leave…but not be petty about it.

      After all, what better way to punish a person who thinks ill of you than to prove them they’re wrong by your actions?

  3. Refugnic

    Yeah well, looking back at his history, he would actually be the first flavor…he patched up our protagonist and demanded payment for his services.

    Opportunistic business…he only resorted to stealing from her after she denied the payment…assuming that these really are the only flavors his kind comes in.

    But I wonder…where does her beyond bad attitude towards an entire race come from?
    Has she been raised that way…or was it from (repeated) personal experience…?

    …now the real question is: He knows the town.
    Why would he wander into a shop of someone who hates him just cause he happens to have four arms?

    Multiple options:
    Change in ownership, though I doubt that.
    Her attitude changed since he was there the last time, though this seems rather deeply rooted instead of like a fresh wound.
    This shop has something he cannot get anywhere else.
    He hasn’t been to that shop before.

    …I think I’ll opt for number 3 in this case.
    1 is just not likely, 2 neither and 4…well, why would he change shops to get what he needs. People are habitual after all…unless of course an…incident forced the change of locale.

    But quite honestly, if she doesn’t want business, he really should leave.
    Empty handed.
    And then send Lily to get what she didn’t want to sell to ‘the four-armed freak’.
    Cause if he just snags it out of spite, he’ll achieve two things…and that is to prove her right and to prove his miserable character.

    Personally I still want to believe that he is more than ‘just a thief’.

  4. Sabreur

    This is awkward.

    On one hand, she’s being a racist ass.

    On the other hand, he really *is* a thief, and she’s probably better off getting him out of her store.

    So very awkward…

  5. Bry

    such a racist bitch… :/ i mean, even if she does have a point, she doesnt have be so blatantly curt and rude

  6. The Meh

    >adds angel wings to make me think she’s a bit innocent

    It did not work.

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