Chapter 7 - Yellow Budding Rose: Page 204

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Hi there.

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6 thoughts on “Page 204”

  1. jackmarten

    Jay better really leave that shop before things get too ugly for any possible redemption! wow! and by the way Lily i’m still waiting for people to check out your video for the anniversary and check out about the game!
    keep it up!

  2. MissyZ

    God give it a rest lady. She is so hyper rude can’t she shut her mouth about even one thing?

  3. Refugnic

    And Lily breaches yet another level of creepy…and for someone with supposed complete amnesia, he sure knows a lot about the world he lives in.

    I mean, it’s one thing to instinctively remember how to walk and talk and stuff, but ‘deloric flag’, ‘imperial legion’ etc…that’s way beyond the limit of ‘muscle memory’…so either his amnesia is not as complete as it appeared (as in, it only extends as far as his identity and the trauma causing the amnesia).
    But I think he claimed that he remembered nothing of his prior life…absolutely nothing. Not even things unrelated to his identity…but then again, what do I know about amnesia.

    There is another option of course…he’s lying about the amnesia, which would beg the question why he would do such a thing.

    Regarding the dialog…actually there’s a sentence ‘missing’: ‘Ah yeah, and I placed a magic tracking device in your fourth sleeve, so I always know where you’re going.’

    Just kidding of course. 😀

    Oh and longer comments still get cut off.

  4. Refugnic

    Ah yes, I failed to mention it in my previous comment:

    Congratulations on (at lest intending to) being the bigger man, sucking it up and leaving, even though you’ve done no wrong.

    If that lady doesn’t want the business, it’s her loss.

    Though I do wonder why he’s blushing like that…probably just cause Lily caught him off guard, but eh.

  5. willy

    There are always more there than meets the eye….or four arms.

  6. Bry

    omg, lady, stfu…give it a rest! jfc… -.-

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