Chapter 7 - Yellow Budding Rose: Page 205

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A page where Jay gets mad.

August Wingless Tourist List: Have you…

7 thoughts on “Page 205”

  1. Sabreur

    I don’t like that smile in the last panel…

  2. jackmarten

    Lily didn’t you mention that in the game / and even proved in the webcomic that Jay is indeed a medic?
    i don’t really like that smile in the last picture and i have been checking the anniversary voting since the day it began i may have missed few days but i’m trying to get as many entries as i can keep it up please!

  3. willy

    Not sure if that is a smirk or evil smile either. Can’t be good.

  4. sazuroi

    This smile looks like “Just as planned” to me. >.>

  5. 🍃Marona Possessed🍃 …

    Ever heard of a troll, Jay? Well…here it comes…

  6. Bry

    ah shit, Jay is mad now… o~o”
    and whats w/ that smirk, racist bitch? i dont like that smirk unless it turns out to be a “Haha, gotcha! I got nothing against you or Impallians…I just wanted to see your reaction” smirk

  7. The Meh

    A mad four-armed man is not to be trifled with…

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