Chapter 8 - Hunting Bird: Page 215

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5 thoughts on “Page 215”

  1. Sabreur

    Well, these seem like nice, reasonable people. I’m sure we have nooooooothing to worry about from them in the near future.

  2. jackmarten

    …….. to be honest fellow readers i utterly HOPE they do not RUN INTO HER!
    she’s not the one in danger! THEY ARE THE ONES WHO WILL BE GOING INTO A DEATH SENTENCE if they attacked her!
    Ephelia is not a human anymore she’s something else …
    i hope Magnus remain fine …
    this is the silence before the storm i am loving it!
    please keep it up lily!

  3. abibliboop

    Well now, does this mean the deduction in price for spent perfume will actually be an increase in payment for the bloody dress? These two are… my kinda women. 8^D

  4. nomyriad

    now that’s a smile…

  5. willy

    Maybe the sight and smell of blood will calm her down better.

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