Chapter 8 - Hunting Bird: Page 216

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fun fact: this page and the next 2 have been left unfinished for the past 4 months because I needed to take reference photos for the cloth, which I never did until this Tuesday. cheers

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3 thoughts on “Page 216”

  1. jackmarten

    isn’t that blood originally Ephelia’s own blood? when she lost her head in the very beginning of the comic? or is it her blood after that pig like creature bite her arm? no way it is the paladin’s blood when she turned into that creature…
    after all Ephelia is not longer human she’s something else and even her vision is not right at all, she sees allies as enemies…
    this comic is getting more interesting, more intriguing, very lovely! and very exciting!
    i’m looking for your next page! lily, and by the way i visited the skyrim mod page you made, can you add a new version with all wingless characters in it? as main characters? pretty please? you just need someone famous to review the mod for you, and i know someone like that! who can easily help give your mod more fame!
    what did you say?

  2. willy

    Finds bloody dress and has that freaky happy axe murder look? Very creeeeppppyyyyy?!

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