Chapter 8 - Hunting Bird: Page 221

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A scene change!

7 thoughts on “Page 221”

  1. jackmarten

    well Ephelia really needs to put on some muscle building! it’s a fact that a knight’s armor itself is part of its own training!
    the shield is heavy and the armor is heavy, the sword is heavy and the helmet is heavy but you do pay a good deal of training for your own protection! you wanted to be a knight Ephelia you got to earn it! XD

    very great scene! keep up the beautiful work lily!

  2. Sabreur

    THIS is why you don’t skip leg day!

  3. willy

    Must be at least 14ga steel or iron shield.

  4. xrogaan

    What is that shield made of? 10 cm steel?

  5. willy

    Oh that is just childest. Useing child labor…just kiding.hehe.

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