Chapter 8 - Hunting Bird: Page 230

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15 thoughts on “Page 230”

  1. jackmarten

    now we have girlfriends! yay!
    are they going to develop any farther? i hope so!
    thanks for the great page! keep it up please

  2. willy

    Free…free… Oh it’s free and for me?!? Thank you!!! Now what is the resale value of it?

  3. anonamoose

    anonamoose ships hard

    • DocGenius42

      me too.
      even before this page.

    • Sabreur

      Isn’t there quite a bit of age difference, though? I kinda prefer their current mentor/student setup, too.

      • DocGenius42

        to answer your question: doesn’t matter

        • david

          It actually MATTERS. Quite a lot, I must say. Well, if Ephelia is mature enough, then it doesn’t matter, I’m ok with this, I guess. But if she’s under-age, then is absolute WRONG (and I’ll stop reading this comic because I can’t accept pedophilia not even if fiction). But from what I got so far, they seem like mentor/student, just good friends, rather than…other things.

          • jackmarten

            for fuck’s sake! are we getting PCing already here!!!!
            the girl is already an adult before the comic even started for hell’s sake! even her body’s size comparing with Lily’s size i bet she’s an early 18 or something, for fuck’s sake! it’s lily’s story and ages don’t matter! it’s pure fiction!
            i don’t want what happened with RWBY’s fanbase to happen here as well!
            a war between the fans of sun and blake vs the fans between blake and yang, this webcomic is independent and lily has the right to write his own story as he wishes! not to mention if you saw the introduction video … lily doesn’t do any 18+ stuff other than gore and whatnot even if the friendship between Ephelia and Alif was very close almost like sisters/ girlfriends
            we have no idea if either will die before the story ends! Ephelia’s fate is almost certain that she’s not going to have a nice ending! you can see that in the introduction video!
            if there is going to be a nice friendship between both girls who knows maybe Alif is fated to die as well! don’t jump into stupid conclusion and instantly make lily REGRET creating this kind of relationship between characters of his own story! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
            this webcomic so far has been peaceful and quite lively! no need to destroy it only because of such trivial matter!
            lily stated there will be no sexual bullshit i bet the maximum they would reach is either few compliments or at maximum a friendly cuddle.
            this is supposed to be psychological horror not straight forward sexual for hells’ sake!

          • jackmarten

            okay if you have the time to check the CAST window
            Alif is 24 Ephelia it 16 … and here you go BE HAPPY she’s partnered with Jay the 4 armed Impallnian healer, he’s 27, their relationship is not known … HAPPY NOW?!!!!!
            Lily’s age is unknown.

            i don’t care whether Alif and Ephelia develop anything at all. it’s just good to have some one to speak with.
            but the way you instantly triggered what should be left alone was provoking!
            besides do you even know anything about their world’s own rules? they are obviously not on earth! so the planet’s rules are not valid!
            there are numbers of different races does every single race own their own rules? we do not know!
            why ask for trivial stuff that got nothing at all to do with the main story plot? this is silly! yet again if you don’t like it .. make your own webcomic.

    • jackmarten

      if they are going to have a shipping between them both Ephelia and Alif i support it! it would be nice … specially i wish to see how will Alif react after she knows that Ephelia is an undead and she can literally turn into a death beast .. that would be very awkward!

  4. Missyz

    So, I believe she is using the term girlfriend in the older usage, like my mother uses it. She’ll say, “I’m going wine tasting with my girlfriends,” or “My girlfriends are coming over for a get together.” It’s the non-romantic usage that’s sort of fallen out of fashion now that relationships between two women are not so uncommon.

    • david

      Yes, this is how women were talking sometimes about their best friends, they call them girlfriends without any meaning except for being close friends. Actually, my best friend’s fiancee calls all her female friends as her girlfriends (my friend was a little socked at first, but he got used with her little odds). PS: Her little gift to Alif is pure cuteness, I love this innocent small scene.

    • jackmarten

      don’t forget currently Alif is Ephelia’s teacher… there is nothing wrong with it even if it develops farther .. so what?
      it’s lily’s story anyways

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