Chapter 8 - Hunting Bird: Page 231

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7 thoughts on “Page 231”

  1. jackmarten

    O_O;; …
    i understand too …. TOO WELL why Ephelia is very much scared!
    if they don’t wish for the place to turn into a massacre they better literally help her out!
    after all for whatever reason, she sees the royal paladins as disfigured monsters and would kill them on sight!
    and why are you getting awkward Alif with that cold sweat? ^_^
    it sounded nice when Ephelia called you a girlfriend! that is cute!
    thanks for another great page! please keep up the super work i love it all!

    • jackmarten

      now that i think about it … Magnus’s armor will make the meeting a …. little bit … hard .. he’s in a royal paladin’s armor as is … so … good luck Ephalia you’ll need it ..

  2. msouth

    “I forgot, I have this lovely burka for you to wear on occasions like this!”

  3. willy

    I know that you will love this new cloak of invisibility that should fit just……hmmmm? Where is the damn thing?? CAN’T find it!? Did I pack it? Should have mark it…..sigh.

    • Pharazon

      Finally found that invisibility cloak. A cloak which is completely invisible to the naked eye.

      I also have for you a ring of fire detection. When placed in fire, the ring glows orange and obtains a heat level equal to that of the fire it is placed in.

      Ah, and here we have a torch of dark sight. When lit, it grants the wielder dark vision up to 30 feet.

  4. willy

    Please use a Ring of Fire Resistance before using or handling any of the last items and remember that only you can provent forest fires.

  5. Red13

    That first panel is priceless……

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